Windows setup

This guide has been tested on Windows 11 using PowerShell with elevated rights (dont use cmd).

1. Install a recent version of rust

To use agb, you'll need to use nightly rust since it requires a few nightly features. Firstly, ensure that you have rustup installed which you can do by following the instructions on the rust website

If you have installed rustup, you can update it with rustup update.
If the rustup-command fails, you'll most probably add the cargo/bin folder to the Path-environment variable.

2. git

The source code for the game is hosted on github, so you will need to install git.

You'd need to follow this official github git guide.

3. mGBA

We recommend using the mGBA emulator which you can download from here.

After installing, you can add the binary to your Path-environment variable and create an alias for the agb run command to use.

Creating link for mgba-qt:

New-Item -itemtype hardlink -path "C:\Program Files\mGBA\mgba-qt.exe" -value "C:\Program Files\mGBA\mGBA.exe"

4. gbafix

In order to be able to play games made with agb on real hardware or on some emulators, you will need to install 'agb-gbafix'. Agb's implementation can be installed very easily using cargo install agb-gbafix.

That is all you need to get started! You can now move on to 'building the game'.